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Meet Our Staff

Here at Hessler Paint & Decorating, we believe that the knowledge and friendliness of our staff is what has grown our business over the years. Our customers are loyal and refer us because of the customer service we provide. Get to know the staff and stop by to see what makes the difference, here at Hessler Paint and Decorating.

The Staff at Hessler Paint and Decorating Center

Dan Hessler - Owner / President

Total Industry Experience:  38 years

Dan has been in the paint business most of his life. He started out painting houses part time in college. After graduating from the University of Florida, Dan entered the corporate world with various sales jobs In New York City. After a couple of years he decided it just wasn’t for him. So, he went back to what he knew and loved, painting houses. Over time he grew his operation, and expanded to create a large commercial contracting business up in the Northeastern New Jersey area. His clients included fortune 500 companies such as Warner Lambert and Blue Cross. During his time as a contractor, Dan would go into paint stores and thought about what he could offer on the other side of the counter. He wanted to bring a friendlier, customer focused approach that seemed to be lacking in the stores he visited. And, so Dan began searching for a Benjamin Moore store all along the Eastern coast. In 1994 he found the right one and moved down to Florida, with his wife Nancy and three children, to open Hessler Paint in Delray Beach. After 6 years, the business had grown. He found a larger property on Atlantic Ave and moved his store to its current location. The expansion of the store then gave way to a full blown decorating department with hardwood, laminate, carpet and wallpaper. The goal was to offer a turn-key experience with all your needs under one roof and the support of an experienced, friendly staff.

In 2006, Dan noticed the growth that was happening out in west Boynton Beach and saw a great opportunity to open a second location. Hessler Paint and Decorating II was opened in the Fountains shopping center on Boynton Beach Blvd and Jog Rd. With the technical knowledge Dan is able to offer to contractors and home-owners plus his mantra, “The Three rules of business are…Take care of the customer,  Take care of the customer,  Take care of the customer” Hessler Paint and Decorating has earned a great reputation and a loyal following.

Nancy Hessler - Owner / Treasurer

Total Industry Experience:  17 years

Nancy moved to Florida with her husband, Dan, when he opened the first store in 1994. She worked part time assisting with the bookkeeping while her children were younger. She was very involved with their school activities and loved having the ability to be home with them.  As the three children grew up and moved on to college and their careers, Nancy took on more and more responsibility. She now works full time at the Delray store and is involved in all areas of the business. Most days Nancy can be found splitting her time between bookkeeping and assisting customers at the counter. She is one of the warmest and kindest people.  All of the customers love her.

Marc Fuino - Store Manager, Boynton Beach

Total Industry Experience:  19 years

Marc started out working as a painter in the field. After two years he had the opportunity to work in a Benjamin Moore store, here in south Florida. He learned the business from the ground up, working with all Benjamin Moore products and applications. In 2002 Marc decided to move to Delray Beach. Interested in staying in the Benjamin Moore family, Marc stopped into Hessler Paint to see about an opening. After meeting with Dan, he seemed like a great fit and has been a part of the team ever since. Marc has been a great addition with his industry knowledge as well as his contractor experience. When Hessler Paint opened their second location in Boynton Beach, Marc was promoted to store manager of the Boynton location. He has run the Boynton store for the past 5 years and has built a great repor with his clientele. Stop over to the Boynton location and say hello.

Ed Orenstein - Outside Sales and Commercial Consultant

Total Industry Experience:  45 years

Ed grew up and started his career in New Jersey. He began working behind the counter in a Benjamin Moore store off of Route 17 in the garden state. He was an integral part of making that store a hugely successful location. After years learning about paint and wallcoverings, Ed and a partner opened their own Benjamin Moore store in Manhattan, NY. That led to a couple of locations where they specialized in contractor services. After over 20 years, Ed decided to sell his businesses and moved to Florida where he worked for Broward Paint. Then, in 2008 Ed joined Hessler Paint as their first outside salesman. He works with condo associations and commercial facilities all over South Florida. Ed is very hands on with his clients from writing job specs to overseeing the needs of the contactors throughout the job and getting the paint and supplies delivered. Ed also handles maintenance accounts, providing the products and consultative services to his loyal clientele.  With all of his years in the industry, you will be in good hands with Ed.

Mike Kelly - Paint Department

Total Industry Experience:  17 years

Mike has been in the paint industry for 17 years. He started out at a Benjamin Moore paint store in Lake Worth as an outside salesman, consulting on both residential and commercial jobs. After about 7 years there, Mike was introduced to Dan Hessler, by a local Benjamin Moore rep. In 2001, Mike joined the team at Hessler and has been an integral part of the team. With a history in the paint industry, Mike has a vast background of technical experience and product knowledge. He can help you custom match a color or walk you through a challenging project. Most days he can be found at the Delray Beach store assisting customers in the paint department. His efficiency behind the counter and fun loving nature make him beloved by the contactors and home owners alike.

Jamie Hessler - Paint Department

Total Industry Experience:  4 years

Jaime is the middle child in the Hessler family. Jaime has spent most of her life learning about the paint industry since childhood listening to her father's contractor experiences. After graduating from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Business Administration, Jaime joined the team at Hessler's Delray store in 2008. She was a natural right away with an excellent eye for color matching, excellent customer service and a knack for picking up the product knowledge quickly. Jaime's responsibilities have increased over the years as she handles much of the ordering in the paint department and answers customers technical challenges. She can be found daily working hard behind the paint counter helping contractors and home-owners with their painting needs.

Laura Hessler - Decorating Department

Total Industry Experience:  2 years

Laura is the oldest daughter of Dan and Nancy. She grew up around the painting industry her entire life and has been able to cut in with accuracy and paint a room since elementary school. Laura attended college in North Carolina at the University of Wilmington and graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. After college she moved home and worked at the Delray store as she tried to figure out what to do after college. She left the business to try the advertising field for a while. But, after four years, Laura missed being near her family and decided to move back to South Florida. In the spring of 2011, she came back to working for Hessler Paint and found a new passion for decorating. Over the next year she attended many industry training courses and trade shows to gain product knowledge on flooring, window treatments and wallpaper and color selection. Laura now oversees the decorating department and can be found every day helping clients with their projects. Glad to be home, Laura is enjoying working in the family business. She loves helping customers pull together their design and finding a color, floor or window treatment that they love and making their new designs a reality.

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